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We are pleased to announce the release of "Common Ground". This is our first collaborative effort with Hollan Holmes. The entire CD was premiered on December 7th at The Drone Zone on We thank Rusty Hodge at for honoring us with this debut.The music is a distinct mixture of Hollan's sequencing and synth style with our organic, atmospheric music. The CD was mastered by Robert Rich. You can order an autographed copy of the
CD at

New music collaboration with ambient great, Hollan Holmes, is now underway. Hollan's synth/sequencer style nicely compliments our organic, atmospheric style. Some really good music is incubating in the sound chamber. More to come on this . . .

We just finished a new piece titled, "Approaching Contact", that will be featured on the Ultima Thule Commemorative Anniversary broadcast. This is a slowly developing piece with lots of the Resonant Drift trademark sounds combined with new experiments of sound design. To listen go to

We are pleased to announce the release of our new CD, "Full Circle". This release has the feel of being made from the moment while at the same time woven with layers of subtle interplay and amorphous, shifting spaces. The 11 pieces find inspiration in part from the cycle of life and humankind's return to a more natural state of being. Steve Roach contributed his expertise to two tracks on the CD, also doing the mastering and sonic enhancements. Rod Ratelle added dynamic flowing bass parts to one track. Tracks from "Full Circle" have already been played on Stillstream, Somafm, Heart's of Space, and Ultima Thule. Stay tuned for more airplay and reviews will be coming.

We recorded soundscapes and ambient noises for the new 24E CD, "Monks, Monsters and the Suffering". We are excited about our inclusion on this CD. This is an outstanding piece of mature sound and song crafting.  "Monks, Monsters and the Suffering" by 24E is a rock CD in the vein of Train, Coldplay and U2. This is a must get CD if you are a fan of this style of music AND a fan of Resonant Drift

Music from "Passages" and "The Call" continue to get excellent reviews and airplay on all the major ambient and electronic outlets including Hearts of Space, Star`s End, Starstreams, Ultima Thule, XM Radio, Stillstream, SomaFM Drone Zone and many others.

We released the live performance for our show on the Alien Air Music radio show in Los Angeles. This is a copyrighted but free release available from Ping Things. Check it out to get the Resonant Drift live experience:

We did some soundtrack work for a couple short nature films by the extremely talented nature film maker Jim Karnik. His video work is stunning. He has posted a short sample of his film work along with our sounds at Stay tuned for more in this area.

Beyond this there are a couple other projects that may be coming in the future including soundtrack work for a new cable channel as well as some collaborations with several well-known European ambient artists. Stay tuned for updates on this!

Best to all of our listeners and thanks for your support,

Bill and Gary